Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pebbles in the creek..

There was a girl and a guy. They knew each other since they were little kids. 
They sat throwing pebbles into the creek, holding hands, whispering sweet nothings into each others' ears.
They at times spoke in parables and at other times argued in lengths.
The girl spoke about what she wished to become. A painter, a singer, an astronaut.
The guy spoke about what he wanted to become. A doctor, a firefighter, a magician.
The girl was an immature dreamer.
The guy was an immature realist.
Together, they owned their world.
They survived seasons; They surpassed reasons.
They sneaked from school to visit the circus.
They sneaked from their homes to play footsie near the creek.
They had everything. They were perfect. They yearned for nothing
The guy's family had to leave the town as they sought greener pastures.

They both grew sad.
The boy left the place.
The girl left the place few years later too.
He promised to write to her; She promised to write to him.

Years went by and they honored their promises.
They wrote to each other every week about their lives, their hopes, their fears, their memories.
Whilst writing to each other, they realized, past and future both made them sad and happy at the same time.
They decided to meet each other.
The guy drove several miles in his old, rusty car to meet her at the creek.
The girl traveled several miles in a train to meet him too.
Even during their respective journeys, they thought of nothing else but each other.

After painful years of parting, they finally met.

They loved the familiarity that still was extant between them. It hadn't faded away.
They loved the fact that they could look into each others' eyes and still feel the same way.
They walked to town's sole bistro and had several cups of coffee. 
Then they headed to the creek. 
They sat throwing pebbles, gazing silently towards the setting sun.
Their silence spoke. Their eyes spoke.

When the darkness of the night dawned upon them, they hugged each other.
They headed towards the old rusty car.
He started driving and played a song that reminded them of their moments together..
They held hands, smiled and looked into each others... Bliss..

What these two idiotic fucks didn't see was, an oncoming truck that headed towards them at a rate of naughts. The truck crashed into the poor old car and mangled their bodies. These two pathetic morons were killed.

"Keep an eye on the road, you retards!" said a booming voice from above.

They waited long enough. The pebbles in the creek had their revenge. 

P.S. The only reason I don't get laid is because I don't have a DSLR.
P.P.S. Did you really believe I was going to write a fuckin' love story? By the way, if it makes you romantic purists feel any better, in the alternate ending of the story, the guy is diagnosed with AIDS and the girl has cancer. 
Ah, love.


  1. 'The pebbles in the creek had their revenge.' That was one hell of an expression. Readers trolled, heh?

  2. This one's my favourite! that was some twist! this story almost gave me goosebumps and happy tears... :P